Fashionology is the concept of using Fashion as a cure. Colours are proven to be therapeutic and I believe, the use of colours in Fashion adds another level to this concept. If colours are chosen carefully, they can inspire people and this ‘power’ has no boundaries. Fashion designers across the world inspire themselves with a colour for a full collection, For Chanel for example, there must be black. At least, one black piece in every collection Unfortunately Mauritius is a society where if you are a girl and you love fashion and said it out loud, you were easily judged as a superficial little girl, and people used to make fun of you, or discourage you to choose a career in Fashion.

   When I discovered Tumblr, it was like a giant wave of Inspiration hit me. It was all about Shoes, clutch, Colours, Fashion. Tumblr became an escape, a colour, a texture, a model, a magazine cover, everything that catches my attention, with this new blog, I am opening another window to the world, an open window to everyone who do not know about my Tumblr, but who perhaps by a simple Google research will come across my blog and be inspired by it. An important thing that should be point out is that I gained confidence with the Tumblr machine, but knowledge too. When I started, I was not even sure if Chanel was written with two n or not, I discovered designers, models, I saw pictures of Fashion weeks, spend unlimited hours scrolling Fashion blogs. Even though I am far from being an expert in Fashion, I have my right to have my space on the internet just like everybody else does. Let’s be honest, I am just a student in Communication, who enjoys Fashion and this is an account of my passion, of my love and as mentioned previously a window to the world that may inspire them.

   Blogspot was the first Web 2.0 platform that popped in my mind when considering creating this blog. First, because it is free, easy to use and understand. Even if one is not an expert, it is easily edited and the posts appear in a clear, linear way. In addition, it is said that “Blogspot is more secure” (nikhilnr, 2012) on blogspot, we can customize templates without any HTML skills; Moreover we have the option to customize our domain name. Web 2.0 platforms radically changed the way we communicate and share what we like, personally Inspiration through colours and through Fashion. Web 1.0 was static, people used the internet only to post information and viewers were only viewers, now with my blog for example, my viewers across the world and I can communicate, even if we don’t speak the same language, there is a translation option. They can comment and tell me what they like or not. It is now a two way traffic communication and it much better now. Moreover, with my blog as a Web 2.0 platform, I am contributing to a participatory culture, where I can come up with an idea and share it on the web, and if I am lucky. I may viewers, even if it will take time.

   Moving on my URL, the URL is an important step in the creation of a blog, as it is the first contact with the potential viewer, on Tumblr it could be a new follower or on Blogspot a new subscriber. URL is an abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator and mine is “One-teaspoon-of-fashion” It was chosen because it was an imagery to our Mauritian society drinking tea with a teaspoon of sugar at least once a day! And it occurred to me that Fashion can be so addictive that you drink more than one tea in a day. Moreover, I wanted the word fashion in it, in order for people to know from the start, that my blog is a Fashion blog. And I found the URL original. Furthermore my title is ‘Fashionology’ again the word Fashion is mentioned. Here it refers to an adjective. It does not have a specific signification. To me, it represents the cure in Fashion. The benefits that Fashion can bring to someone is underestimated I believe. I firmly believe that Fashion has a curative impact on people, colours are proven to be, and by fashion, I am not only referring to Haute Couture, but Style most importantly. The way we dress, the colours, the clothes that match our body shape, colours that suits someone or don’t, the good prints and confidence, If someone does not feel at ease with her body, won’t feel at ease in her clothes and even if she’s wearing a Chanel suit it just don’t works. Moving on the layout, I selected a neutral color, white; as my posts are mostly very colorful one and I did not want my viewers to be distracted by my background. The title is right on top, no special effects.

   Furthermore my 3 nodes are 3 social networking sites that helped me share my Main blog. On my Twitter account, I follow Fashion blogs, models and Fashion Icons among others; I am instantly informed of the latest collaborations, Magazine cover, events or news that will be held. My second networking site is a Tumblr, the source of everything. I created a new one, linking my Main Tumblr, Tumblr will be my main source of Inspiration as the inspiration flow is infinite. And finally a WeHeartIt account in order to heart pictures that inspires me and also to share my other blogs, in order to increase my audience. The use of Social Networking sites must be used to its fullest. People tend to underestimate its many uses. “You can promote your site or business for free - If you have a business or site you need to promote you can do it by creating a business profile on some of these networks. You can load images, your logo, etc. into your profile and it will be visible for your virtual friends and all the users who visit your profile.”
( Facebook, 2011) We are living in a world where all connections are made on the internet, people are working on the internet and people are relaxing on the internet, the more Social Networking sites you’re on, the more chances that someone come across your blog and share it either on his twitter account or on another Web 2.0 platforms he or she possess. The possibilities are infinite.

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