Wednesday, 16 May 2012

NEON is the new BLACK

Hi everyone! This season, the trends are known to be Neon, Pastels, Mint and Tangerine. 

The first post will on Neon, hence the title. Usually when people hear Neon, they picture bright colours in the dark and common designs such as Neon yellow earphones. But Neon has definitely taken the Fashion world by storm. It was on the runway for different fashion shows. 

The good dosage is to wear one Neon statement piece with an outfit, for example, a pink neon clutch with an all-black outfit or a green neon heels with a nude outfit. 

For accessories, only wear neon statement jewellery with a natural make-up. Because the aim is not to look like a Christmas tree, but to follow the trends by being simple and by keeping it cool. 

Below are some pictures of how you could add a neon piece to your wardrobe by keeping it fashionable and original, but without taking too many risks. 

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  1. First and second image are my favourite looks <3